The Zlipper family honor is at stake! The valuable Wheresthefire Sapphire has fallen into the hands of Zip and Zap when they were visiting a museum. Finally they have enough money to buy the Super Mega Disco Helmet! But their father, Houshoe, is relentless: they have to return to its rightful owner. So the twins decide to do what their father says – mostly. They’ll take it back, but only after they’ve sold a couple of insignificant flakes so they and their friends can go all out. But there are others who are just as interested, because Quickhands Jr. knows that the precious stone is at the Zlipper residence, and he’ll do all he can to get his hands on it. Will the twins give the gem back to its rightful owner? Will they knock themselves out with it? Or will the Wheresthefire Sapphire be snatched away?