On this joyful Christmas day, sing Fum, fum, fum! Fum, fum my eye! Because it turns out that Santa didn’t bring the twins what they had asked for. So they climb right up his beard and ask for an explanation. But the old, bearded fellow has a good excuse: a girl with braces kidnapped him and the three kings and made them give her all their toys. Fortunately, Santa was able to escape, but he only had time to buy a couple of presents at the dime store. Convinced by this testimony, Zip and Zap prepare to put their heads in the lion’s mouth, or rather, in Evilina’s mouth, to take back what is rightfully theirs. How can they do it without her finding out it’s them? Easy – by dressing up as Drag Queens, with wigs, miniskirts, heels and sequins. Who wouldn’t open the door for such stunning gift bearers? And once there, will they be able to accomplish their mission without breaking a nail? Will they be found out if their mascara runs? You will soon find out in Zip and Zap’s most glamorous episo