Oh no! Evilina’s pet, a giant boa constrictor, has gobbled up Zip and Zap's hamsters that they took to Science class. The one time they had a pet! But destiny, in the shape of a fat, furry dog, runs into them at the shopping mall. Without thinking twice, the twins rescue the pup from the hands of a psychopathic old lady and take it home with them… knowing that they’re going to get it from their parents! Houshoe’s and Gracie’s “Noooo!” can be heard as far as China, but then a miracle occurs: the dog is so charming that the Zlippers fall at his feet. But not Zip and Zap, who know something is up with the dog’s shameless sucking up. And their hunch is right, because under the coat of their furry friend hides… Quickhands Jr.!