Plan: Enter the Hairy-Scary Forest. Objective: Get the A+ in Science that Prof. Minervo promised to the best project. Weapons: a digital video camera and a lot of nerve… because according to legend, the soul of the evil Blech cockroach inhabits the forest, stalking children to turn them into donuts and fish sticks. Will Zip and Zap be able to face this obstacle together? No way, José, because Prof. Minervo splits the class in two and separates the twins. So each of them will enter the forest with their pals to go up against such enchanted – yet not at all enchanting – creatures as Charles, the giant praying mantis, and Moskito Bloodsucker, an RH positive professional. And in the middle of this heart stopping adventure, someone sequesters the twins! Was it the Blech cockroach, planning to fry them up right? Or is he planning on eating them raw….