Bobobobs (eng)

País: España
Idioma: Español
Contenido: Infantil

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CORNELIUS looking through the telescope discovers a planet where Bobobobs are living (but really they are humans who are in danger). A meeting with the council of BOBOBOBS is called. BIG BOB, the leader of the BOBOBOBS asks BOB WOUTER if he and his BOBOBOBS, the BOBULAR “QUEST” can go to explore this planet, and help those in danger, to which BOB WOUTER agrees. So BOB WOUTER with his BOBOBOBS begin their trip towards planet Earth. During the trip they find a peaceful planet full of sand and trees, etc... and they prepare themselves for a pic-nic. The planet, at the end, is not so peaceful and they find themselves in danger of being caught by space-fishermen, they all manage to escape.
The BOBULAR gets stuck in space vines. LITTLE WOUTER, WILBUR and BOB WOUTER go out of the BOBULAR in a little boat to see what’s happening. They meet two justers who capture them and take them to their queen, who has been desthroned by a queen toad and is being held captured, tied to the middle of a swamp. They promise the queen they will release her, but when they are trying to help her WILBUR and BOB WOUTER are captured by the queen toad’s ants and taken to her cook. WILBUR and BOB WOUTER manage to escape the cook, but they are swallowed by the queen toad. LITTLE WOUTER goes to inform the rest of the BOBOBOBS what has happened and all of them go to the planet to rescue WILBUR and BOB WOUTER. The BOBOBOBS build a robot bull-frog to sing to the queen toad so that when the queen toad opens her mouth to sing WILBUR and BOB WOUTER can escape. When WILBUR and BOB WOUTER are free, they teach the queen toad a lesson and the real queen recovers her throne.
After passing a very dangerous attack of meteors, the BOBULAR has to land in a planet in order to be repaired. In the planet, they meet Hermit, a lonely BOBOBOB who has been leaving there for a long time. HERMIT tells BOB WOUTER how he can leave the planet. Not realizing that HERMIT has lied to him, they leave the planet the way HERMIT told them. All of the sudden, CORNELIUS starts behaving very strange and nobody understands what’s wrong with him. Meanwhile, other strange events start happening in the BOBULAR. Finally, the BOBOBOBS realize that what’s actually happening is that the Demon of the Universe has taken over CORNELIUS and has used his powers to hypnotize all the BOBOBOBS. The Demon finally leaves CORNELIUS’ body and they have a fight. The Demon, using dirty tricks, almost defeats CORNELIUS but when all the BOBOBOBS think that the Demon has won, AUNT AGATHA gets rid of him in a very funny way, tickling him until he can’t resist anymore.
BLUSH, CORNELIUS’ mascot, is very worried and depressed and, by way of telepathy, he tells CORNELIUS that he must go back home to his planet as he feels his mother and father are in a trouble. After convincing BOB WOUTER to change the course of the BOBULAR, they go to BLUSH’s planet to find out that his parents have been captured by the BRULIES. BOB WOUTER teaches the BRULIES a lesson while CORNELIUS, together with BLUSH and POPSY (BLUSH’s girl-friend) rescue BLUSH’s parents.
It is the day before CORNELIUS’ birthday. He will be turning 1.000 peps, which is old for a BOBOBOB, but also a very special birthday. CORNELIUS is very depressed and sad as usually big birthday parties are given and it seems that everyone onboard have forgotten his birthday, even his faithful mascot BLUSH. But what CORNELIUS doesn’t know is that the whole crew is secretly preparing a big and special surprise party.
In the library, CORNELIUS is telling LITTLE WOUTER a story of when he and his father (BOB WOUTER) were captured by creatures disguised as BOBOBOBS and how he warned BOB WOUTER that they weren’t really BOBOBOBS. The secret word they used was “WEWA”. This story was told just in time as they come across a very old space-ship which the old man and his pet onboard turn out to be SACARINA, the ex BOBOBOB whose powers were taken away as he used them for evil instead of for good. The pet that SACARINA took onboard the BOBULAR captured BLUSH. CORNELIUS, very worried, looks for BLUSH all over the BOBULAR. When he was searched everywhere, he goes to the ship where SACARINA arrived to look for BLUSH. Finally, CORNELIUS arrives to where SACARINA is and he reveals himself and lets BLUSH free. Meanwhile, LITTLE WOUTER is outside and hears what’s happening and CORNELIUS, who has heard him, uses the special secret word. LITTLE WOUTER runs to tell BOB WOUTER and CORNELIUS and BLUSH are rescued.
The BOBOBOBS have landed on a wood planet to gather some timber. When they have finished, BOB WOUTER orders everyone onboard as they’re leaving, but PIEVUS warns BOB WOUTER he can’t find his AUNT AGATHA anywhere. CORNELIUS overhears this comment and decides to go and look for her himself. He meets with the tree monster and, narrowly escaping it, he is surrounded by bright flickering lights, which turn out to be luminous bees. Holding him above them, they fly off through the forest and set CORNELIUS down near the BOBULAR only to find that AUNT AGATHA has already returned. When they’re walking up the ramp into the BOBULAR, a swarm of luminous bees bly out of the forest, lead by the QUEEN BEE. The QUEEN BEE tells CORNELIUS that her followers have told her how he had escaped from the tree monster and that the tree-monster has always plagued them fighting them from their hives and stealing their honeycombs. Now it has taken the honeycombs from the eggs and their little ones have hatched out
ODD & SODD, who are a couple basically lazy, decide to invent a growth vapour in order that the OBUS fruit grow much bigger and that way they don’t have to work so hard picking so many OBUS to make the OBUS sap.The problem is that they use too much vapour and the OBUS become so big that they can’t even open the door to get in. BOB WOUTER finds out about all this and make them return the OBUS to their normal size. Not only do they have to work for days to find the vapour to make them to their normal size, but afterwards they must work a lot more fixing up everything the plant has destroyed.
The BOBULAR is weaving its way through a dense asteroid belt. In the distance, PIEVUS, who’s in the crowsnest, spots two spacecombers jumping from one asteroid to another and when they reach an asteroid beside the BOBULAR they ask BOB WOUTER if they can have a ride. Before BOB WOUTER has a chance to answer them, they jump down onto the dome of the BOBULAR and introduce themselves as PEST & LEST. They both become the nightmare of the BOBULAR when they start getting everywhere, touching and destroying everything on sight. Finally, BOB WOUTER decides to leave them in the perfect planet: a concentration camp. When we see the BOBULAR sailing off, we are that PEST & LEST didn’t stay there after all as they are sitting on the rutter.
The BOBOBOBS, while travelling very near a polluted planet, which is surrounded by a thick cloud of poisonous gases caused by the over-industrialization of the planet, receive warning signals from the planet pleasing for help. BOB WOUTER decides it’s his duty to answer the call. BOB WOUTER, together with ODD & SODD, go down to the planet. The planet is now in the hands of robots. They finally rescue the couple and take them along the BOBULAR in order to leave them in another planet.
BOB WOUTER has caught the “sneezles” and is in the infirmary. PETRONELLA receives an “astrophone” call from her mother who announces she’s going to visit the BOBULAR. PETRONELLA is very happy but her main problem is to prevent that her mother finds out that WILBUR, her brother, is just an ordinary handyman. She decides that WILBUR must dress with BOB WOUTER’s uniform and pretend he is the BOB of the BOBULAR. After all the troubles she’s gone through, MUMMY finds out who WILBUR really is but she’s still very proud of her son.
FRITZ finds AUNT AGATHA in his kitchen and there is nothing that can get him more upset than this. FRITZ storms out of the kitchen, hitting everything on sight, only to slip in the hallway and fall head over heels down the stairs behind him and landing on DOC BONE’s arms. DOC BONE drops him on his head knocking FRITZ out. The commotion changes him and he decides that AUNT AGATHA is such a good cook that he resigns from his duties as a cook to let AUNT AGATHA take over. The problem is AUNT AGATHA does not accept and BOB WOUTER find himself without a cook. He manages to convince AUNT AGATHA to take over until FRITZ is cured as he has had an accident and must rest. Meanwhile, BLUSH realizes that what has happened is that the commotion, has changes him and follows him to the OBUSIUM where FRITZ is with ODD & SODD. BLUSH drops and OBUS fruit on his head and FRITZ returns to being his old grumpy and bad tempered self again.
Something very strange is happening inside the BOBULAR. It seems there are ghosts, or so they all believe. But it is not an ordinary ghost, it’s the spook of the universe. It’s been plaguing the BOBOBOBS for ages. After scaring half of the crew out of their wits, CORNELIUS has a perfect idea of how to get rid of the spook.
The BOBULAR is being chased by an alien spaceship. They are not able to outrun them so they outsmart them. Just when they think they have lost them, a gigantic net is hot at them from above. They can’t escape. The leader of the alien ship tells them they are not enemies, they want to be friends, and invite them to a dinner party. BOB WOUTER is not very sure of what’s happening, but he accepts. It turns out to be another trap from SACARINA, the ex BOBOBOB whose powers were taken away for using them to be evil and this time he has invented a mind-taking machine in order to take way the powers from one of the BOBOBOBS and get his back again. He looses again when the BOBOBOBS manage to beat the robot guards and without his guards SACARINA is helpless.
While the BOBULAR is sailing through a galaxy called “THE GALAXY OF DARKNESS” three gigantic tentacles swoop from out of the darkness and scoop the BOBULAR. BOB WOUTER, CORNELIUS and WILBUR climb out of the crowsnest into the TRIPUS, which is what has wrapped the BOBULAR in its tentacles, and once they reach the top of the tentacles they see a whole bunch of little creatures helping the TRIPUS by squirting pink liquid in her eyes. The little creatures explain this to the BOBOBOBS and together they teach the bully TRIPUS a lesson after which the female TRIPUS lets go of the BOBULAR and they continue their journey.
BOB WOUTER announces at dinner that the next day a fitness coach is arriving to get them all back in shape and healthy. They all laugh remembering the last one that came and how the crew taught him a lesson for making them work-out very hard only to be peaceful the rest of his stay in the BOBULAR eating and resting, which is what he really liked. But, to the BOBOBOBS surprise, the new coach is the same as the last time only he has gotten himself in shape, as he learned his lesson, and is ready for vengeance.
LITTLE WOUTER, who is bored because no one has time for him, decides to go fishing, and he ends up fishing two smiling little GUBIES. LITTLE WOUTER is very happy and excited with his new playmates and takes them to his cabin. LITTLE WOUTER doesn’t know that what he has just done is terrible as the little GUBIES cause all kinds of problems to the crew in the BOBULAR. Finally, LITTLE WOUTER helps them escape.
The BOBOBOBS water-making plant has broken down and needs a complete overhaul. The consequences of having no water on the BOBULAR is causing headaches among the crew. BOB WOUTER tells all the crew they’re on their way to a water planet. While they’re anchored on this planet LITTLE WOUTER disappears as he’s been snatched up by the trees, who are really tree people and they’ve made him a king and seated him on a throne and crowned him with a crown of leaves. When LITTLE WOUTER hears for his calls he quickly jumps down and when he tells them all that has happened nobody believes him.
PIEVUS and CORNELIUS are on star-watch up in the crowsnest and, as usual, CORNELIUS has fallen asleep. PIEVUS notices a stranded spaceship straight ahead. The spaceship is a wreck and the leader of the people in the spaceship, who doesn’t smile at all, tells BOB WOUTER they have no water and that the children are hungry. They are invited to the BOBULAR while the BOBOBOBS help repair the stranded ship. When BOB WOUTER tells them it’s time to go as the spaceship is repaired, the leader tells him they’re not leaving that they will keep the BOBULAR. BOB WOUTER gets so mad that he shrinks him to a little fellow, then picks him up by his collar and carries him onto his ship, the rest of them run after him. The BOBOBOBS laugh as the little man and the others steam off and away.
FRITZ is very depressed because he doesn’t understand why the crew doesn’t like his cooking or himself. Misunderstanding DOC BONE’s advise of “paint a picture of yourself” FRITZ becomes a painter, locking himself in his kitchen and painting for the whole night. He presents his paintings to the whole crew in the ballroom the next night, already dreaming he will be the most famous painter in the world. FRITZ gives BOB WOUTER and the crew the paintings as a gift, to which BOB WOUTER tells him he will make sure they are hung in a place for all to see. The paintings end up sewn in the main sail.
Some of the BOBOBOBS on the BOBULAR are bored. BOB WOUTER is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the crew’s restlesness. Suddenly, something crashes the outside of the glass-dome and tangled in the mast they find a bottle with a scroll inside which has a treasure map. They’re very excited and BOB WOUTER finally lets them go for a treasure hunt. They find so many troubles along the way that at the end they even have to escape from pirates. They’ve learned their lesson.
The BOBULAR is heading into a dust storm and there is no escape. The emergency alarm goes off and everyone prepares themselves for this storm. Since the BOBULAR is so tiny the escape dust particles smash the windows. After the storm is over they must stop to repair the damages. Everyone starts helping in the process of reparing the windows, except WILBUR who is driving A.D. crazy. When WILBUR is going back to get more windows from ODD & SODD he trips falling down into a cave hitting himself and getting amnesia. Inside the cave there is a big gigantic crab-like creature.
BOB WOUTER has received a message over his astrophone to join in a search to join in a search for a reconnaissance BOBOBULAR that has gone missing in that galaxy. They find the reconnaissance BOBULAR in a desert planet but not a sight of the crew. CORNELIUS, PIEVUS and WILBUR are sent to search for the crew finding out they are kept captive by a huge rat-like creature in a deep crevasse. They all manage to escape.
The emergency bells ring out on the BOBULAR. It has entered a belt of floating icebergs. The icebergs are so thick that BOB WOUTER decides to anchor the BOBULAR and send out a scouting party to map a way through the belt. PIEVUS, FRITZ and WILBUR set out across the icebergs with the buggy. They come across the CLUBBERS, tiny creatures that go around chasing people hitting them with their clubs or destroying everything on sight. The BOBOBOBS help a big hairy ape-like creature from the hands of the CLUBBERS. The problem is they get lost and don’t know how to return to the BOBULAR, even though they’ve found a way to get the BOBULAR out.
BOB WOUTER is very concerned as to the whereabouts of PIEVUS, FRITZ and WILBUR, so a second team goes out, but the most incompatible one: CORNELIUS, PETRONELLA and ODD & SODD. PETRONELLA falls into a wall of rock hard ice which knocks her out and the CLUBBERS appear and drag her into a cave. CORNELIUS and ODD & SODD follow the tracks in the snow. Not far, PIEVUS, FRITZ and WILBUR see the CLUBBERS dragging something into the cave and thinking it could be another innocent victim they shoot down the other side at full speed to the front of the cave. When they see it’s PETRONELLA, WILBUR panics and races in towards them. CORNELIUS and ODD & SODD arrive on the scene. Out of disgust, they shrink the CLUBBER’s clubs to the size of chop-sticks and walk away without saying a word to them. They go back to the BOBULAR and PIEVUS and FRITZ give BOB WOUTER the directions of how to get through the icebergs.

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