The BOBOBOBS have landed on a wood planet to gather some timber. When they have finished, BOB WOUTER orders everyone onboard as they’re leaving, but PIEVUS warns BOB WOUTER he can’t find his AUNT AGATHA anywhere. CORNELIUS overhears this comment and decides to go and look for her himself. He meets with the tree monster and, narrowly escaping it, he is surrounded by bright flickering lights, which turn out to be luminous bees. Holding him above them, they fly off through the forest and set CORNELIUS down near the BOBULAR only to find that AUNT AGATHA has already returned. When they’re walking up the ramp into the BOBULAR, a swarm of luminous bees bly out of the forest, lead by the QUEEN BEE. The QUEEN BEE tells CORNELIUS that her followers have told her how he had escaped from the tree monster and that the tree-monster has always plagued them fighting them from their hives and stealing their honeycombs. Now it has taken the honeycombs from the eggs and their little ones have hatched out