BOB WOUTER is very concerned as to the whereabouts of PIEVUS, FRITZ and WILBUR, so a second team goes out, but the most incompatible one: CORNELIUS, PETRONELLA and ODD & SODD. PETRONELLA falls into a wall of rock hard ice which knocks her out and the CLUBBERS appear and drag her into a cave. CORNELIUS and ODD & SODD follow the tracks in the snow. Not far, PIEVUS, FRITZ and WILBUR see the CLUBBERS dragging something into the cave and thinking it could be another innocent victim they shoot down the other side at full speed to the front of the cave. When they see it’s PETRONELLA, WILBUR panics and races in towards them. CORNELIUS and ODD & SODD arrive on the scene. Out of disgust, they shrink the CLUBBER’s clubs to the size of chop-sticks and walk away without saying a word to them. They go back to the BOBULAR and PIEVUS and FRITZ give BOB WOUTER the directions of how to get through the icebergs.