PIEVUS and CORNELIUS are on star-watch up in the crowsnest and, as usual, CORNELIUS has fallen asleep. PIEVUS notices a stranded spaceship straight ahead. The spaceship is a wreck and the leader of the people in the spaceship, who doesn’t smile at all, tells BOB WOUTER they have no water and that the children are hungry. They are invited to the BOBULAR while the BOBOBOBS help repair the stranded ship. When BOB WOUTER tells them it’s time to go as the spaceship is repaired, the leader tells him they’re not leaving that they will keep the BOBULAR. BOB WOUTER gets so mad that he shrinks him to a little fellow, then picks him up by his collar and carries him onto his ship, the rest of them run after him. The BOBOBOBS laugh as the little man and the others steam off and away.