The BOBULAR gets stuck in space vines. LITTLE WOUTER, WILBUR and BOB WOUTER go out of the BOBULAR in a little boat to see what’s happening. They meet two justers who capture them and take them to their queen, who has been desthroned by a queen toad and is being held captured, tied to the middle of a swamp. They promise the queen they will release her, but when they are trying to help her WILBUR and BOB WOUTER are captured by the queen toad’s ants and taken to her cook. WILBUR and BOB WOUTER manage to escape the cook, but they are swallowed by the queen toad. LITTLE WOUTER goes to inform the rest of the BOBOBOBS what has happened and all of them go to the planet to rescue WILBUR and BOB WOUTER. The BOBOBOBS build a robot bull-frog to sing to the queen toad so that when the queen toad opens her mouth to sing WILBUR and BOB WOUTER can escape. When WILBUR and BOB WOUTER are free, they teach the queen toad a lesson and the real queen recovers her throne.