FRITZ finds AUNT AGATHA in his kitchen and there is nothing that can get him more upset than this. FRITZ storms out of the kitchen, hitting everything on sight, only to slip in the hallway and fall head over heels down the stairs behind him and landing on DOC BONE’s arms. DOC BONE drops him on his head knocking FRITZ out. The commotion changes him and he decides that AUNT AGATHA is such a good cook that he resigns from his duties as a cook to let AUNT AGATHA take over. The problem is AUNT AGATHA does not accept and BOB WOUTER find himself without a cook. He manages to convince AUNT AGATHA to take over until FRITZ is cured as he has had an accident and must rest. Meanwhile, BLUSH realizes that what has happened is that the commotion, has changes him and follows him to the OBUSIUM where FRITZ is with ODD & SODD. BLUSH drops and OBUS fruit on his head and FRITZ returns to being his old grumpy and bad tempered self again.