Teo (eng)

País: España
Idioma: Español
Contenido: Infantil

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Episode dedicated to showing the children, in a pleasant and fun way, who THEO is, where he lives, who he lives with, etc...
TEO and his brother PAUL visit their grandparents' house. Some of the mischievousness of our hero will serve as an excuse to show the viewer THEO's family circle.
TEO takes a stroll through the city in the company of his parents and his brother. Introducing the environment that surrounds the pre school child, when away from his family.
We get to meet TEO's cousins. We see the relationships they have with each other and some of their games and amusements.
Our hero spends the afternoon in one of the city parks. He gets involved with other children, he has fun on the swings and the slide and it teaches, in a pleasant way, what a child shouldnt do in these fun places.
PUCK's arrival at the house. Our hero's father takes him and his brother to a pet store to pick out a puppy. We will see the different animals that are sold in these establishments and the care that goes into them. From that moment on, PUCK will become one more in the family.
CLETA's birth and how this disturbs TEO. As subgoals: the mother's pregnancy and the cares required by a newborn.
Through one of the characters in the series, TEO’s new baby sister, CLETA, preschoolers learn about the special care a baby needs and see how TEO helps in providing that care.
Carnival day approaches and TEO and his cousins make their disguises for the party using adult clothing and everyday things from around the house.
TEO spends some days on vacation with his school mates at a camp near the ocean. In this episode not only will a social goal be set, but also, in second place, an initial contact of the pre schooler with nature.
It rains and TEO and his friends can't go outside. They invent their own games to amuse themselves in the house. With the rain the child will also be introduced, although in a simple fashion, to the matter of the seasons and the meteorological changes.
Any other day at our hero's school.
Another day in Teo´s life.
A holiday at TEO's house. What can we do? The family meal, an afternoon at the movies and a snack at a cafeteria. Our hero and his brother PAUL, have a wonderful time.
TEO is spending a few days in his grandparents' village. It is summer and the weather is great. He is playing outdoors with some other children that he's just met. We would deal mainly with creativity and games but, at the same time, some other secondary objectives would be set: the seasons and the appropriate activities for each one of them, and once again, the social relationships: a new surrounding brings with it new friends.
TEO is feeling sick. He is sick and shouldn't go to school. Should you be afraid of the doctor? Should we take the medicines we don't like? On top of it, our hero is bored in bed. How can one amuse himself when sick?
PAUL goes to the nursery for the first time. TEO, who is older and who already goes to school, calms him down and helps him to rise above his fears.
Animals can also get sick and they need medical attention. PUCK doesn't want to go into the veterInarian because he is scared. As a subgoal we again introduce the matter of respecting animals and the care we should give them.
Grandparents have come for a visit and they have brought Teo a camera. His mother aids him to take his first photos. They take a photo of Paul and the grandparents. Teo has already learnt enough, now he wants to try it alone. Teo and his father have the pictures developed. Once they are at home, they open the envelope with the photos. Some have come out well but other bad. It doesn’t matter. The next time they will come out much better. You can only learn on doing things.
The relationships between brothers: rivalries, games, protection and care of the younger brother by the older one.
To learn to share things, to give up, to lend things, well to collaborate with the others in plays and activities it’s very important to the little child but also difficult. In this sense Teo is not different from the other children. Learning, at school as well as at home, becomes, sometimes, a hard work.
TEO celebrates his birthday. He throws a party at his home for his cousins and friends.
There are feats at Teo’s district and the grandparents take him, together with Paul, to visit the fair. There are merry-go-rounds, a train, some planes, an inflatable castle, rings and a big wheel. Teo wants to get on everything. It’s impossible to get on everything, says the grandfather, you have to choose.
TEO and his cousins go to a sport center to learn how to swim. A small child’s initial contact with water, as something enjoyable and fun, helps to free the child from possible fears and insecurities.
Teo and his father go to the newstand. While the father buys the newspaper Teo decides on a comic. He wants to read it on the street but it’s better to read it when he reaches home. Teo is at the park with Sally and Susan. They will play hide-and-seek. Teo and Paul play at their room. Teo has set in motion the electric train and Paul looks the drawings of a book.

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