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TEO and his brother PAUL visit the zoo, accompained by their aunt ROSA. Through their visit, the viewer learns about various animals, their characteristics and peculiarities.
At school there is a drawing competition. Each child can paint what he wants. Teo is at the kitchen of his house, learning to paint. He has placed his easel in the middle of the room and he tries to copy a fruit-bowl where there are two bananas, a pear and an apple. Paul wants to do the same as his brother and goes to take his watercolour box. When the mother comes in, gets very surprised. Paul has painted the fruit-bowl his own way, on the bedroom wall.
TEO and his cousin CLARA take a trip by train. What is a train station? How do you buy a ticket? What’s a train like on the inside? What are freight trains used for? These and other questions are answered for preeschoolers in this episode.
TEO and his brother PAUL learn how to dress for each season of the year and according to the activities they carry out.
For preschooler-like TEO-the theater is something completely new and, in a sense, magical. In this episode, led by the series’ main character, children learn about the theater from behind the scenes.
What does a baby eat? What do various animals eat? How is a meal prepared? Do we have to eat everything even though we may not like it? Why is nutrition important? Why is it not good to eat many sweets? TEO responds to these and other questions that preschoolers often ask and does so through a several simple life situations: a meal at home, an afternoon picnic in the country or visiting a candy store.
TEO accompanies his mother to the market. They go by the different stands and they observe the different products indicating what they are for and where they come from.
TEO AND CLARA, helped by the former's mother, prepare a pastry. How do you cook and combine the different food products?
TEO, accompanied by a teacher and some of his classmates, visits a farm. The matter of the origin of food and also the relationships of children with the animals and nature will be brought out.
A holiday in the spring, the family goes on a country excursion. The mother prepares the food and they all enjoy it. The relationship of the child with nature will also be included here.
In the first part, Teo and Clare train soccer with their schoolmates. In the second part, Teo’s aunt takes him, together with Clare and Paul, to a basketball game in which Peter plays. In the third part, Teo and Paul go to skate at the park together with their father.
Aunt Rose invites Teo to spend some days with her at the beach. Teo is very nervous because he has to travel alone by plane. His father takes him to the airport and they watch how the aeroplanes land and take off. Later on, he leaves him with an air hostess who will take care of him until he reaches his destiny. Inside the plane, Teo observes from the little window how the houses and the mountains move away and become smaller. The pilot invites him to enter the cabin and explains him how the machine works. Teo is very excited. Once they have reached the airport, the air hostess takes Teo with her aunt Rose who is waiting for him. Teo hugs her aunt and tells her how funny it has been the trip.
Teo and his family go to spend the weekend at the countryside. Teo’s father loads the suitcases on the car. He’s impatient to leave.Once they are in the car, the father and the mother explain them how they should behave in a car. The trip is long. The children are bored, they sing songs accompanied by the mother. Soon they reach their destiny. A nice and simple hotel at the mountain. Teo becomes very happy. It’s the first time they’re going to spend their holiday in a hotel.
Many children of nursery-school age feel afraid when they have to go to the doctor’s. Teo and Paul are not different from the other children of their age, they are also uncertain and a little scared facing the medical checking. But soon they learn that there is no need to make such a fuss. The doctor let them listen through the stethoscope and it is funny to have your reflex or your eyesight checked. The worst is the vaccine. However, they soon realise that it’s only a prick, it won’t hurt and vaccines are very important because they protect us from the diseases. On leaving the doctor’s surgery, Teo’s mother buys them an ice-cream. They have been very corageous.
The traffic in the big cities is a danger for the children who must learn from the youthful to distinguish the traffic-lights colours and to look before traversing a zebra crossing. In the chapter we will show the child spectator through his friend Teo, how he must behave in the street.
Children love pets and it is positive that they are not afraid of them, that they show them affection and play with them. But also they have to make themselves responsible for their mascots, to look after them and take care of them properly. That, precisely, is what Teo will do in this chapter. Teo, together with his father, takes Puc to go for a walk. Teo learns that Puc can’t go untied along the street pouncing on people or scratch the grass with its legs. He can’t leave the street dirty when Puc uses it as its particular bathroom.
Teo, Clare and her mother have gone shopping. Now, they have to return at home. They are going to take a bus. At the bus-stop, there is a long cue. Teo wants to be the first one but he can’t, the others arrived first. They will have to place at the end of the cue and wait their turn. Once they are on the bus, Clare’s mother pays and Teo takes the tickets. He will keep them in his pocket during the way. Teo takes the tube with his father and Paul. The escalators are very funny and they enjoy also to buy the tickets. The tube is like a train but it goes under the ground and passes through very long tunnels. The travel has been short. Teo and Paul are looking forward to take the tube again.
On Sunday afternoon, Teo and his family are going to visit the aquatic park. Cleta likes coloured fishes and turtles very much. Paul prefers the hammerfish and the rays. The spiderfish also attracts his attention. Teo remains impressed by the enormous whale skeleton that is placed in the centre of the park main room. How big the whales are! It’s a pity that, according to what his father tells him, they run the risk of extinguishing. They all agree that the most beautiful thing of the park is the tunnel that crosses it underneath the water.
On leaving school, Teo and Susan see how a group of firemen rescues a cat that is trapped on the top of a tree. Once the rescue operation is finished, the fireman shows them the car, how to turn on the siren and how to open the fire hose. Teo and Susan are impressed. Maybe you would like to go for a walk on this car?, asks the fire officer. Our friend accepts delighted. Once they are inside the car, a fireman loans his steel helmet to Teo. It’s too big for him! Susan laughs heartily. People lock at them and say hello to them when they pass. The firemen take them to the entrance of Teo’s house. At night, Teo tells his father his adventure. When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman. To put out fires and help the others is a nice job.
Teo, Paul and Cleta go out for a ride with their mother. Teo and Paul put his safety helmet on and the mother places Cleta at the portable seat of her bicycle. Teo helps her to fasten the safety belt. They are ready. Now they have to start. Teo, very decided, begins to pedal on the pavement and he almost knocks down a pedestrian. His mother stops him. They must use the cycle-path. Once they are in the cycle-path, Teo and Paul learn to respect the directions and the several traffic lights. Cleta claps very funny because she’s having a really good time. They’ve reached the park. They stop their bicycles to eat and ice-cream. But Teo and Paul have left their bikes laying in the middle of the path. An skater is going to crash with it. He must park it well, alongside the others. When they finish their ice-creams, Teo and Paul make a race on bike in a quiet and clear zone, free of dangers. Their mother and Cleta observe them. It’s very exciting and they clap a lot. Teo wins but this is not

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