Sandokan and his men reach the Romades, where they find Lord Guillonk’s boat anchored. Yañez’s fears have been confirmed. The pirates land and go into the thick jungle, soon reaching the Dayako village. They arrive just as Lord James is being tied up and made ready for a terrible ceremony of human sacrifice. The only way for Sandokan to stop this, is to attack the Dayako village. The fight is unequal, as the Dayakos are greater in number and are fierce fighters, but finally Sandokan and his men win the battle. The number of casualties is high, but they manage to free Lord Guillonk, who thanks Sandokan for saving his life and seeks reconciliation, having finally realised that the Tiger of Malaysia is a brave and honourable man. Sandokan asks Lord Guillonk for Mariana’s hand. Lord Guillonk willingly agrees and promises to have the throne of Sandokan’s ancestors returned to its rightful owner. Happily, they all leave for Mompracem, where they are welcomed with great rejoicing.