Sandokan, Yañez, Lord James Guillonk, Mariana, Surama and all their friends are on Mompracem preparing for a double wedding. Mompracem is an island that has been adapted for war and acts of piracy and the Tigers of Mompracem are now working ceaselessly to change its face and give it a majestic look befitting the wedding of a Prince. Even the pirates try to change their fierce appearance by looking for the smartest clothes they can find from the booty taken in their raids. Suddenly, cannon shots are heard. Alarmed, they pick up their weapons and run to the palisade. Joyfully, Sandokan sees that they are Tremal-Naik’s ships saluting them. Shortly after, Tremal-Naik, his daughter Damna and Kammamuri join the group for the ceremony. Lord James announces great news: he takes out a parchment which he has been hiding in which the throne of muluder, the rightful possession of Sandokan’s ancestors, is returned to Sandokan. The wedding is celebrated with great happiness. By the end of the celebr