Sandokan is safely aboard Yañez’s parao. His only thought now is of saving Mariana. Yañez has another of his ingenious ideas. They will dress up as soldiers of the Sultan of Borneo. They reach the “Mariana”, which is carrying the beautiful “Pearl of Labuan”. Yañez poses as the officer in charge of the parao, manages to fool both the captain and the Baronet and is taken to Mariana, who is overjoyed to see him. Meanwhile, Sandokan and the pirates board the ship and force the crew to surrender. Sandokan puts the prisoners in the life boats with food and water and sets them adrift. The Tiger of Malaysia is happy. He has recovered his two Marianas – his prized parao and the mistress of his heart. Sandokan and Yañez return to Mompracem in their boats and on arriving learn that Lord Guillonk’s ship has been attacked by rebel Dayakos and Lord Guillonk takes prisoner. Mariana is very worried about the fate of her uncle. Sandokan and Yañez decide to leave for the Romades, where they suspect Lord