Our friends concentrate on building a raft whilst Tico goes for a quiet swim. But even though all is quiet, something mysterious and sinister is observing what they do. They discover Saknussem’s name engraved on a stone slab – they’re on the right track! After a rest, they start to sail on the raft, but there’s always something strange hoveing over them. With great excitement at first, followed by disillusionment, Tico goes fishing and catches...a piece of seaweed! They are attacked by a giant crocodile which sweeps the raft along. Willy Fog manages to make it go away but it then comes back and takes them by surprise. Lidenbrock falls into the sea and almost drowns, but Willy Fog saves him just in time. The strange thing hovering over them turns out to be a giant snake which fights to the very end with the giant crocodile. Finally, the journey continues.