While in London the expectation of the people who bet on Willy Fog raises, because of the risk of a new eruption. Hans and Rigodon start to look for Romy and Tico, but to no avail. Willy Fog and the rest of the group are very distressed. Tico tries all sorts of things so that they can find them, but all in vain. Finally, when they are completely worn out and desperate, they hear Willy Fog’s voice in the distance echoing on the rocks. They follow Willy Fog’s instructions and have to jump into a kind of tube which ends up in a steep passage way which finally leads them to the rest of the group. When Romy comes round, she can’t believe her eyes: she’s in an enormous vault on the beach... in front of the sea. Lit by strange electrical phenomena, they are attacked by an antediluvian alligator. When they get over the shock, a bad step takes professor Lidenbrock to quicksands. He is rescued and they go back to the camp near the beach.