Welcome to the true story of King Arthur! Everything starts when Sir Zipalot and Sir Zapeval have to study to be Knights of the Round Desk. They are searching for an excuse to get out of it when, Blam! Merlin the Magician appears before their eyes with the quintessential cure: the magic GRAIL, a large chalice which, according to legend, if you hit yourself on the head with it, your lessons will enter your head as if by magic. With this magical trophy they will have no problem answering the questions that the fearful Black Knight will ask them in the Knights’ Tournament. So the twins go in search of the sorcerer’s cup, a quest in which they will have to overcome such horrifying obstacles as entering Badtrip Castle, which is guarded by a dragon, snatch the clues hidden under his feet, and devise a way to cross a river of flaming lentils with the help of the nutty elf, Invi. Come to the kingdom of Camelot and discover what a crock any “learn without studying” scheme is!