With their men, Sandokan, Yañez and Tremal-Naik enter the jungle where they will face countless dangers. Among other things, they are attacked by an enormous rhinoceros. The battle is terrible and Sandokan almost loses his life, but thanks to the aid of a young woman called Surama with her two elephants, they win through. The young woman introduces herself and tells them her story. She had been a prisoner of the Thugs, but managed to escape from the Sunderbunds. She has crossed the jungle fleeing from Suyodhama’s evil men. Se has news of Damna, which allays some of Tremal-Naik’s fears. The girl is alive and well. Sandokan thanks her for the information and Surama decides to help them by leading them to the Sunderbunds. Meanwhile, Damna is being held prisoner in a secret place in the Sunderbunds guarded by Suyodhama in person. Sandokan, Yañez, Tremal-Naik and Surama and all of the men set off, the girl taking the lead with her elephants.