Just as peace seems to have settled over the island, Tangusa, Tremal-Naik’s quartermaster, arrives to ask for the pirates’ help. When Sandokan learns that his blood-brother is in trouble, he decides to leave at once. Leaving Sambligiong in command of the island and to look after Mariana, Sandokan leaves with Yañez on the “Mariana” (the name by which Sandokan’s parao will be known from now on). They make for Calcutta, where they meet up with Tremal-Naik, who tells them of the kidnapping of his daughter and how she was carried off by the Thugs. They all make ready to set off in search of Damna. Kammamuri and the few men with him are attacked in the jungle. There is a bloody fight against the Thugs, whom they manage to beat. They manage to take one prisoner. The expedition is about to begin when Kammamuri arrives with his prisoner. After a great many efforts to make him talk, the Thug confesses that the girl is in the Sunderbunds of Raimangal (a kind of underground system of tunnels hidde