Obviously, being invisible is not quite the same as being odourless. If your enemies send a spy who can identify you by your odour … then you have a real problem! Wallace Morton is the author of a devilish plot to catch the elusive Invisible Man once and for all. Alan and Gina, Alan’s highly intelligent and loyal friend, know this. But how can they identify Morton’s spy? Herbert is a new student at the university, and also happens to be computer freak who seems to have something to hide. Gina’s investigations point definitively to Herbert as the spy. But when the Invisible Man goes into action he finds himself in a world of Elves and Goblins far removed from Morton’s evil world. The real truth is quite different. In Morton’s shadowy secret laboratory, the powerful businessman is cooking up a machiavellian plan to turn Magnapolis into a visibly different kind of city – a city whose inhabitants are all Wallace Morton’s slaves!