Faced with a highly visible kidnapping - that of a television studio full of people during a live broadcast in front of millions of viewers, our invisible hero is the only person who can help the police solve a very tricky problem … Syd Network, who always uses sensationalism to attract big audiences to his programmes, even at the expense of scaring his audience by presenting the Invisible Man as a threat, discovers that our invisible hero is the only person able to help him when three mutants burst into the studio and take Syd and the whole studio audience hostage. The police agree to the kidnappers’ demands and supply them with an airship which they use to get away, taking Syd Network as their sole hostage. Luckily the Invisible Man manages to get on board. However, even he could not have guessed that his friend Monty would also have secretly boarded the airship in an attempt to become the visible hero in Syd’s programme!