Four and a half friends

País: España
Idioma: Catalán / Valenciano
Contenido: Infantil

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The Case Before All the Others Cases (cap.26)
Long before Charly & Co, Dandy used to live in the street. One day he finds a sausage and is attacked by a dog called Braggart, losing the food. In his quest to recover it, Dandy meets a mafia leader called Bruschetti. At same time, Charly & Co have been investigating Bruschetti and they cross paths. Dandy is running away from Braggart and Bruschetti has taken Fred as hostage. The dog bites the criminal and Dandy and Fred hide behind the trashcans. Once relaxed, they look at each other. That is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
The Case of the Capsule (cap.25)
100 years ago, Charly & Co.'s school began a `time capsule' project. They buried the capsule under a tile in the school hall with a valuable newspaper inside. When Siggi prepares to open the capsule in front of students and press, they discover it has disappeared! Famous detective Bernard Saumel promises to solve the case. Charly says so will do his Agency. A challenge! Let's the best detective win. However, to make it more interesting, Saumel suggests solving the case in 24 hours.
The Case of the Tasteful Art Robbery (cap.23)
A new pupil, Ben, arrives to the school and becomes good friend with Stefy. Charly is jealous and suspects him. Carl Witt, Ben's father, is accused of stealing some sculptures and the gang tries to prove his innocence ¿ except for Charly, who's convinced Carl is guilty. Ben helps at the investigation, which leads the kids to Tartiflette Art Gallery. Once they solve the case, Carl decides to move again to another city. Stefy is upset, as she will not see Ben anymore.
The Case of the Tricked Grandpa (cap.24)
Radish and Stefy's father punishes them to stay at home and study math until Radish passes his exam. However, they skip the punishment to help their Grandpa, as someone has tricked him and run away with his money. It turns to be a school friend of their parent, Mr. Lehman. The investigation lead by Charly & Co involves Fred's Mum as an undercover agent to trick on Lehman! However, the smokescreen does not work and they find themselves interfering in previous police investigations.
The Case of the Sabotaged Film Set (cap.21)
There is a TV crew at the school filming an episode of Inspector Derk, the kids' favorite detective show. Some students get a chance to intern on the set, including Charly & Co. Some strange thinks start happening: a camera cable is cut, someone puts sleeping pills in the director's coffee mug, etc. That's sabotage! All members of the cast and crew are suspects for Charly and the kids. Except for Stefy, who has a small crush on Derk, the actor playing the main role.
The Case of the Fast Food Enemy (cap.22)
Charly & Co. see how Ms. Janis leaves a briefcase to a suspicious man and runs away in a bicycle, while the man disappears in the back of a fast food restaurant. The next day, the kids see Ms. Janis crying while Ms. Stratford comforts her. Fred' Mum has a new boyfriend, Bernie, who has convinced her to invest in his environmental business. However, when they discover Bernie talking to Ms. Stratford, they know something strange is happening. Fred' Mum is in danger!
The Case of the Stupid Burglar (cap.20)
Charly wants to find a guy who's known as `the stupid burglar' for activating an alarm while robbing a warehouse. A kitty called Mimi appears at Dandy's house unexpectedly. The kids keep Mimi while they look for her owner. The stupid burglar hits another warehouse ¿ and fails again. Charly & Co will make us of a school trip to visit the industrial park where the robberies happen. However, this time Dandy and Mimi lead the investigation, which turns to the alarm system company.
The Case of a Trophy In the Hay Barn (cap.19)
The school organizes a draw for work experience placement. The gang wins the ticket to the police station without Charly, which goes to Mr. Rubenacker's horse stables. While helping the stable keeper, Mr. Springer, Charly meets Cindy, Mr. Rubenacker's daughter, who falls in love with him. That afternoon a riding trophy is missing and Charly offers himself to find the culprit on his own. However, Mr. Springer calls the police and they come along with the rest of the gang to solve the case too!
The Case of the Blackmailer on Stage (cap.17)
The school is organizing a theater play where both teachers and kids make a performance ¿ including a cheek kiss from Ms. Stratford to Fred playing as mother and son! The kids then discover an anonymous blackmail note sent to the play's director, Mr. Pinter. Ms. Janis informs he's rehearsing another play at the Municipal Theater. Two plays at same time? This is suspicious enough to make Charly & Co. discover the truth. Will Fred finally receive the kiss from his beloved Stratford?
The Case of the Trendy Tracksuit (cap.18)
The kids go to the flea market where Charly thinks that people sell stolen clothes. Once there they meet Mr. Brassert, a dog trainer in a canine training school, and sign Dandy up for a weekend course and teach him protection maneuvers. Charly's older sister Nicole, who's becoming good friends with Stefy, will join the detective agency ¿ to Charly's disgust! But when Nicole is kidnapped by a gangsters' group, Charly & Co. join forces with Miki, Nicole's boyfriend, to save her.
The Case of the Lonely Panthers (cap.15)
Handsome Harry is acting weird. He's dressed like a biker, is driving a Harley motorcycle ¿ which doesn't suit him at all ¿ and appears with beautiful 20-year-old Laura who met on a social network dating site. Charly is suspicious ¿ she's too nice for Handsome Harry ¿ and Stefy becomes jealous. Nicole reveals Laura is a bicker chick and works as a waitress in Lonely Panthers' Club. When someone steals Handsome Harry's motorbike, Charly & Co investigate her at the Club.
The Case of the Superhero Babysitter (cap.16)
Someone has broken up into Ms. Stratford's house while she's away, but nothing is missing. His boyfriend Paul thinks the thief was looking for her family's comic books collection, which is very valuable. Paul stays to keep an eye on the house during Ms. Stratford's absence but he needs a carer for his son, Tim. Radish becomes Tim's babysitter and Charly & Co use Radish as an inside spy to unmask the thieves. Things get complicated when Tim disappears from the Baby Club where Radish takes him.
The Case of the Car Thief (cap.13)
Ms. Brise, an intern teacher, will pick up an article from a student to publish in the school newspaper. Charly has an idea: to write about police investigation to win the competition. However, during the interview someone steals commissioner Martinez's car! Handsome Harry, who's trying to seduce Ms. Brise, informs that a man called Karowski tried to sell him a stolen car, so Charly & Co investigate him. But they will discover there's a past story between Martinez and Ms. Brise.
The Case of the Graffitti on the School Facade (cap.14)
Ms. Janis' house is under renovation and she asks Charly & Co whether her dog Nino can stay with Dandy for some days. Dandy has to babysit him! That same day, a graffiti appears in the school facade. In the meantime, the municipal police is looking for the so-called `thief of the white stocking' who holds up bank vans. While Charly & Co investigate the graffiti, detective Dandy and his assistant Nino will discover the link between the graffiti and the thief!
The Case of the Calamitous Gym (cap.11)
Handsome Harry hires Charly & Co to follow a man called Mr. Ritter who works as gym personal trainer. Fred joins the gym as undercover agent and discover his beloved Ms. Stratford is training there with him. There is a series of accidents in the gym working area involving the bio teacher, but Fred saves her ¿ by chance ¿ becoming a local hero. The kids suspects Ritter as the saboteur. In addition, Charly becomes jealous of Fred's protagonism and even fires Fred from the Agency!
The Case of the Wanderign Ghost (cap.12)
It is holiday camp and the kids go on trip to a Viking island with Siggi and his family. The island is famous to host a wandering ghost, although nobody has confirmed it. During an excursion, Fred finds a beautiful piece of amber ¿ an ancient Viking figurine! But the next morning, the figurine disappears! Lindy, Siggi's daughter, points at the ghost as culprit, while Charly says phantoms do not exist¿ Charly and Lindi lead different investigation lines and only one of them proves to be true.
The Case of the Missing TV Star (cap.9)
Dandy gets the part in a dog food ad, but on the first day of filming his co-star Fluppi ¿ a pug with a diamond collar ¿ disappears! Madeleine, the Countess' female dog, who just happens to be Dandy's old girlfriend, replaces Fluppi in the ad. Fluppi's owner Mr. Rubenacker, who receives an anonymous note asking for a rescue. The kids with start investigating without avail, but Dandy will discover the truth ¿ which is at same time hurting and romantic.
The Case of the School Scandal (cap.10)
It is Earth Week and the school is celebrating. Siggi and Ms. Stratford are presenting different projects that will compete in the Municipal Festival. Charly & Co decide to investigate on their own on poisoned oil. To their surprise, they discover tons of rubbish in soil samples and uncover what looks like an environmental scandal! At same time, Radish has a part-time job helping Ms. Stratford with her laptop ¿ and Fred becomes jealous of him, what causes a big argument between both of them.
The Case of the Online Cat (cap.7)
The gang create a website to promote their Agency. The first case to arrive is to find a lost kitten, which turns to belong to Handsome Harry. Then someone hacks the web and they start to receive hundreds of fake new cases! Meanwhile, Stefy falls in love with Santi, a young and handsome IT trainee teacher ¿ and neglects her friends and their investigations. But then she will get involved into a mess by buying a stolen computer. Stefy soon realizes the importance of trusting friends.
The Case of the Contagious Detective (cap.8)
During a 3-days school trip to a medieval castle, Charlys' elder sister Nicole starts working as trainee-teaching monitor. Dandy is not supposed to come along, but Fred carries him so Charly uses gastroenteritis as a smokescreen to cover the dog. Once in the castle, the teachers fall ill one by one, with symptoms of poisoning. Charly makes a list of suspects ¿ but this time he has to include himself! Trouble is Mr. Siggi thinks Charly's the origin of the epidemic!
The Strange Case of Daniel the Janitor (cap.6)
Ms. Stratford's silver bracelet disappears in the school gym's women dressing room. The kids offer her the detective services of Charly & Co! Fred suspects Daniel the Janitor, who looks like having a second evil personality. Fred is jealous of him! Finally the investigation leads to Daniel's home, and once there the kids discover this is all about a lonely old woman and lots of cats. In addition, Fred will have an opportunity to improve his relationship with his mother.
The Case of the Missing Cucumbers (cap.5)
Radish is afraid of not passing his next maths exam: it is an oral one and he doesn't like to speak in public! In the meantime, cucumbers are disappearing from the allotment owned by Charley's Grandma. The local Council threatens to take over all the allotments ¿ including Dandy's home ¿ to build a car park. Radish discovers that the man behind it all is the Mayor, who used to be Grandma's old assistant in the garden. Radish sees a way of changing the council's decision.
The Case of the Skulking Garden Gnomes (cap.3)
Fred's Mum takes in an old man who has just arrived at town ¿ and his dog. Dandy follows them around and notices their strange behavior around Charly's house. It is not easy, but Dandy eventually manages to attract the attention of Fred and the gang and he finds out that the man photographs antiques and steals them to order. However, he reckoned without Dandy's detective skills! The gnomes leaning in the Agency's garden will be useful for the dog's investigation.
The Case of the Polka Dot Umbrella (cap.4)
When the school staff room is broken into and Ms. Janis' earrings disappear, everyone is mystified. In addition, Handsome Harry declares to police that someone hacked his computer. Charly, who's fallen in love with his sister's friend Carol, thinks the thief is a boy with a polka-dot umbrella he saved from being injured in a car accident. But the gang discovers that the real culprits were Carol and Charley's love rival Tim, who were trying to cheat on some homework.

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