MÓDULO 3 - UNIDAD 7 - PROGRAMA 3GRAMÁTICAPretérito perfecto + yet (forma interrogativa, todas las personas) Have you checked the oil yet? Has he arrived yet? Pretérito perfecto + already (forma afirmativa, todas las personas) I've already checked the oil. I've already put the suitcases in the car. Pretérito perfecto + since / for: We've been here since three o'clock. Pretérito perfecto + before (formas negativa e interrogativa) Has this happened before? We haven't had this problem before. Why ... ? Because + oración subordinada. Why are you stopping? Because there's a problem with the car. Which + sustantivo: Which road? Which exit do we take? Verbo be + color / tonalidades: It's blue. It's dark blue.VOCABULARIO Coche y carretera: oil, problem, make (of car), registration number, mechanic, breakdown service, membership Colores: blue, dark blue, light blue, grey, dark grey, light grey, red, maroon Indicaciones / direcciones: left, right, on the left, on the right, at the side of, opposi