MÓDULO 3 - UNIDAD 4 - PROGRAMA 2GRAMÁTICAThere was / there were Pasado simple + ago Comparativos:-er, -ier / more + adjetivo / Better, worse Not as + adjetivo + as Superlativos: The + -est, -iest / the most + adjetivo / the best, the worst Superlativo + in + referencia local: London is the biggest city in Britain.Frases adverbiales: at Easter / Christmas; in 1994 / September Pasado simple de verbos irregulares: swim/swam, build/built, write/wrote, go/went, eat/ate, buy/bought, find/found, see/saw Go + lugar: go to the cinema/the operaGo + gerundio (terminado en -ing): go swimming/shopping. VOCABULARIOAdjetivos cortos y largos: clean, cold, noisy, exciting, beautiful, popular, dangerous, boring, gorgeous, wonderful, great, easy, busy, expensive Verbos: swim, build, write, go, eat, buy, find, see, I think¿ have a good time, agree, disagree Adverbios: next, last Gustar y no gustar: like, love, hate Vocabulario de vacaciones y paisajes: hotel, museum, art gallery, brochure, holiday, sights