MÓDULO 3 - UNIDAD 5 - PROGRAMA 2GRAMÁTICANeed + sustantivo: I need money. Need to + infinitivo: You need to open a bank account. Futuro simple + need + sustantivo You'll need money for food. Want to + infinitivo: I want to live on campus, if possible. Should + infinitivo: You should talk to the bank manager. Condicional afirmativa con if: There are no charges if your account is in credit. If you bank with us, we will give you an international alarm clock. Every + sustantivo en singular: every student Fechas (repaso) VOCABULARIO Términos académicos: scholarship, grant, tuition fees, registrar, term, graduate, post-graduate, campus Térninos bancarios/financieros: bank, bank account, bank manager, bank charges, student account, in credit, overdrawn, current account, savings account, form, overdraft, signature, transaction Verbos: enrol, cost, open (an account), fill in (a form), arrange (an overdraft), sign, bankPRONUNCIACIÓNAcento en las palabras acabadas en -tion . Fechas Acento en las