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Programa: Sandokan (eng)
Título: 1x22
Descripcion: Sandokan and Yañez’s paraos are sailing away slowly. The danger seems to have passed when, suddenly, a cry goes up: ¡Ship Ahoy!!. It’s Baronet’s fleet and has caught up with them. Sandokan tries to shake off his enemies with a series of manoeuvres but fails in the attempt. Little by little, the circle in which the Baronet has them trapped closes, and the only choice left to Sandokan is hand-to-hand combat. Sandokan tells his men to be courageous and to prepare to fight. He sends Mariana off to his cabin. The Mompracem paraos communicate by means of flags and get ready to engage in battle...

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SANDOKAN and Yañez are in a room at the fort listening carefully to a pirate deciphering signs written on a palm leaf. These signs will tell them how to get to the land of Sandokan’s ancestors. Just then, Sambigliong comes in. Sambigliong has discovered that Nasumbata is hiding among the Dayakos. Nasumbata is a spy of the Rajah of Lake Kin-Bally, who with much bloodshed, seized the throne rightfully belonging to SANDOKAN’s parents...
Sandokan and his pirates head for Kin-Bally, following the instructions given to them by Nasumbata before he died, but when they sight the coasts of Kin-Bally they are warned off by cannon shots. The pirates make ready to face the enemy ships belonging to the Rajah of Sarawak, which have discovered them and are about to launch an attack. The attack on the paraos captained by Sandokan and Yañez is a furious one. Due to the superiority of the Rajah’s ships with their great size and guns, Sandokan’s parao is sunk. In the heat of the battle it is not possible to see what fate has befallen Yañez’s vessel...
Sandokan comes round and finds himself in a comfortable, luxurious room in the house belonging to Lord James Guillonk. He is captivated by the sweet music of a mandolin coming from the garden. A gentleman comes into the room. It is Lord James, who tells Sandokan how he has come to his house. Sandokan tells Lord James that he is a Malayan prince and asks him where the music is coming from. Lord James sends for a young woman, his niece Mariana. Sandokan immediately falls in love with her.
Lord James Guillonk travels to Victoria, the capital of Labuan, where the Baronet’s suspicions as to Sandokan’s true identity are confirmed. On his return he tells his niece of his intention to take Sandokan prisoner. As Mariana is in love with Sandokan, she warns him of her uncle’s plans, telling him to expect betrayal. Lord James’ men try to capture him, but he escapes, first swearing to Mariana that he will return for her. He flees through the jungles and hides in a tree, where he overhears the conversation of those pursuing him. This helps him to decide on the best route of escape from the fort.
Back in Mompracem, Sandokan tells Yañez of his adventures since the time when the parao was sunk, of how he had reached Labuan, his meeting with Giro-Batol and, specially, of his great love for Mariana and his intention to return for her. Yañez, who had thought that Sandokan was gone forever, tells him how they had managed to save themselves after the attack by the Rajah of Sarawak’s men. Forever true to Sandokan’s desires, Yañez sets about making the ships ready to leave for Labuan as soon as possible in search of Mariana. Sandokan has nightmares about Mariana in which he chases his rival, Baronet Roshental, with his sabre to keep him for trying to woo her..
Having escaped from Mompracem, Sandokan and Yañez make for Pangutarang with the remaining men and ships. As they near the coast, they see a wounded man being chased by a large number of Dayakos (inhabitants of the islands) and rowing desperately towards their paraos. Sandokan recognises the man as Tangusa, Tremal-Naik’s quartermaster, and rescues him. Once on board, Tangusa tells Sandokan that the Dayakos have risen up and that Tremal-Naik is besieged at the factory and needs Sandokan’s help. In one of the paraos Sandokan and Yañez make their way upriver through the jungles towards Tremal-Naik’s Kampong. The Dayakos watch them and at night try to set fire to the boat by sending hundreds of coconuts filled with inflammable resin floating downstream. With great difficulty, the Tigers of Mompracem manage to steer through the coconuts.
Led by Sandokan and Yañez, the fleet sails for Labuan to take Mariana away. During the voyage the sky turns a menacing colour and there is a terrible hurricane. Two of the ships are lost in the storm. In spite of the danger and the adverse conditions, Sandokan insists on landing on Labuan. The ship attempts to approach the coast but fails due to the force of the storm.
Having tricked Lord Guillonk’s soldiers, Sandokan and Yañez have managed to get into the grounds to the house and remain hidden. Seeing and hearing what is going on inside. In a room, Lord James and Mariana are arguing heatedly about the arrangements for Mariana’s wedding to Baronet Roshental. Mariana is weeping bitterly and goes off to her room. Sandokan takes advantage of the situation to climb up an enormous plant stretching over the front of the house and up to Mariana’s bedroom window. He finds his beloved and explains his plan for taking her away.
Sought by the soldiers, Sandokan and Yañez have spent the night near Lord Guillonk’s mansion. At daybreak, they wait for an opportunity to jump over the palisade and escape. As they enter the jungle, they run into their own men, who are being led by Sambigliong, Sandokan’s boatswain. After the storm they had landed on Labuan in order to go and help the Tiger of Mompracem. Sambigliong has captured a courier in the jungle who was on his way to Lord Guillonk’s house with a message from the Baronet.
Everything goes according to plan. Yañez volunteers to make sure there are no pirates around the house and grounds. He takes this opportunity to seek out Sandokan (who is waiting by the side of the road) and tell him the time when Lord James’ group will be leaving the house. He returns to the house and, at the time planned, Lord James, Mariana, Yañez and a small group of soldiers leave for Victoria. They approach the place where Sandokan is lying in ambush.
With Mariana safely aboard, Sandokan and his men head for Mompracem. On the way they stop off at a small island inhabited by fishermen who are allies of the Tiger of Malaysia. A fisherman asks them to follow him and takes them to his house, where he briefs them on the situation in Mompracem: the island has been occupied by an enemy garrison who have taken the pirates prisoner and are closely watching their positions. Sandokan decides to set off for Mompracem without delay.
Sandokan explains his plan to his men. It is a rearguard offensive. At night, Yañez (still dressed up as a high ranking officer) makes good use of the arrival in the bay of a large number of small boats which are sending up signal flares to make the soldiers believe that a large fleet is approaching Mompracem. In this way, he makes all the garrison think that the island is being attacked, thus ensuring that all the troops will be concentrated in one place. The way is open for Sandokan. Sandokan crosses the island and attacks from the rear, causing total confusion among the enemy. Previous to this, using his disguise and ingenuity, Yañez had managed to free the captive pirates, who are now lying in wait for the moment when they will take part in the battle. A terrible battle ensues in which the help of the pirates is decisive. The enemy feels hemmed in and Yañez takes advantage of this to advise the major in charge of the garrison to surrender at once. Finally, Sandokan, Yañez and their
The liberation of Mompracem is celebrated by all at a great feast. Sandokan takes advantage of the occasion to introduce Mariana to all. All the pirates swear to defend the Pearl of Labuan with their lives. The Tiger of Malaysia tells his men that he no longer wishes to be a pirate, that he now wants to marry Mariana and go off to live peacefully with her. Mariana is moved by the pirates’ display of affection and agrees to stay in Mompracem as their queen. In Labuan, Lord James Guillonk has managed to reach Victoria and goes to see Baronet Roshental. They discuss the best way of freeing Mariana and make a plan to kidnap Damna, the daughter of Tremal-Naik, good friend and ally of Sandokan.
Just as peace seems to have settled over the island, Tangusa, Tremal-Naik’s quartermaster, arrives to ask for the pirates’ help. When Sandokan learns that his blood-brother is in trouble, he decides to leave at once. Leaving Sambligiong in command of the island and to look after Mariana, Sandokan leaves with Yañez on the “Mariana” (the name by which Sandokan’s parao will be known from now on). They make for Calcutta, where they meet up with Tremal-Naik, who tells them of the kidnapping of his daughter and how she was carried off by the Thugs. They all make ready to set off in search of Damna. Kammamuri and the few men with him are attacked in the jungle. There is a bloody fight against the Thugs, whom they manage to beat. They manage to take one prisoner. The expedition is about to begin when Kammamuri arrives with his prisoner. After a great many efforts to make him talk, the Thug confesses that the girl is in the Sunderbunds of Raimangal (a kind of underground system of tunnels hidde
With their men, Sandokan, Yañez and Tremal-Naik enter the jungle where they will face countless dangers. Among other things, they are attacked by an enormous rhinoceros. The battle is terrible and Sandokan almost loses his life, but thanks to the aid of a young woman called Surama with her two elephants, they win through. The young woman introduces herself and tells them her story. She had been a prisoner of the Thugs, but managed to escape from the Sunderbunds. She has crossed the jungle fleeing from Suyodhama’s evil men. Se has news of Damna, which allays some of Tremal-Naik’s fears. The girl is alive and well. Sandokan thanks her for the information and Surama decides to help them by leading them to the Sunderbunds. Meanwhile, Damna is being held prisoner in a secret place in the Sunderbunds guarded by Suyodhama in person. Sandokan, Yañez, Tremal-Naik and Surama and all of the men set off, the girl taking the lead with her elephants.
Surama leads Sandokan, Yañez, Tremal-Naik and the men across the dangerous marsh. They reach the pagoda in which Suyodhama is holding the girl. They manage to get in through a skylight, climbing down from a light. There they are disturbed by the Thugs, who give battle to the Tigers of Malaysia. The Tigers win but there is no trace of Damna. They decide that in the circumstances they should split up into two groups to search a wider area of the caverns. Sandokan leads one group and Yañez, Tremal-Naik and Surama the other. Sandokan and his group enter a passageway and give chase to a group of Thugs who try to run away, but Sandokan and his group are trapped in a cave with a large waterfall.
Sandokan, Yañez, Tremal-Naik and some of the men head for Delhi, in search of Suyodhama’s trail. On the way they come across burned-down hamlets and villages destroyed in an uprising. Their greatest worry is how to cross the rebel lines without arousing suspicion. On the outskirts of Delhi they are stopped by the men of Abu-Assam, who is one of the rebel leaders. While they are being held at the rebel camp, Tremal-Naik learns that an old friend of his, Bedar, is also there. He asks him for help and if he has any news of his daughter. Bedar warns them of the danger of revealing their true identity. Sandokan and his friends are taken before Abu-Assam, whom Tremal-Naik tries to convince that there was no other reason for their journey to Delhi than that of taking part in the uprising. Finally, they are recognised by a group of Thugs who tell Abu-Assam. Sandokan and his friends try to escape, but are chased by the rebels, who head them off. The Tigers of Malaysia now face their pursuers an
Sandokan and his friends are locked in a prison cell waiting for a chance to escape. The position is difficult as the cell is in a tower. Several guards stand watch over the door and two Thugs are positioned outside to stop them from trying to escape through the windows of the tower. Bedar has not forgotten his good friend Tremal-Naik and is planning to help them escape. When all hope seems lost, a guards brings food, inside which a file and rope have been hidden. They escape through a cell window. It is night time and Bedar is waiting for them outside with two elephants. He has managed to catch the two Thugs watching the tower unaware and has learned of Damna’s whereabouts.
Happy than Damna is finally safe and to have finished with Suyodhama once and for all, Sandokan, Yañez and Surama take their leave of Tremal-Naik and head for the “Mariana” in order to return to Mompracem. Surama has stolen Yañez’s heart and decides to go with them. On arriving at the harbour they find the crew in great confusion. Sambigliong has been gravely wounded and tells Sandokan that during his absence Mompracem was attacked by surprise. In spite of the men’s efforts a large fleet of ships under Roshental destroyed the pirate ships with their powerful cannon, landed on Mompracem and took Mariana away. Fortunately, Sambigliong was picked up at sea by a fishing vessel and taken to the “Mariana”. Sandokan is dumbfounded and curses himself for not having realised that the kidnapping of Damna was no more than a ruse thought up by Lord Guillonk to gent him away from Mompracem and Mariana. Without even the strength to give his men orders, Sandokan shuts himself up in his cabin. Worried
The Tigers of Malaysia are back in Mompracem. News from Labuan has reached the island. Lord Guillonk is making the arrangements for the wedding between his niece and Baronet Roshental. Sandokan is furious and can think of nothing but rescuing Mariana, which will be extremely difficult. Aware of this, Yañez is trying to think of a trick to get to Mariana without having to face the Baronet’s fleet. Surama has a marvellous idea: since Mariana is popular and held in great esteem by the natives, who call her the “Pearl of Labuan”, why no have them pay tribute to her in a celebration in honour of her forthcoming wedding? It would be ease for the pirates to disguise themselves as natives.
The celebration in honour of Mariana begins. The natives, Sandokan and his men among them, reach Victoria harbour, where they pay tribute to the “Pearl of Labuan”. There is a full moon and the display of lights and colours made by the torches and flowers is extremely beautiful. Surama is famous for her great skill in dancing and sensually performs one of her most beautiful dances in tribute to Mariana. Mariana comes up to Surama to thank her for such a marvellous fight, and without anyone realising, Surama slips Mariana a note telling her that when the party is over she will be kidnapped by Sandokan and his men. The celebration goes on and in the confusion at the end and with the noise from the fireworks Mariana manages to get into a canoe and is taken by the natives to Sandokan’s parao. There she is reunited with her loved one. The “Mariana” sets sail with Yañez’s craft alongside. After a moment of confusion, the Baronet and his men realise that Mariana is missing and quickly sail aft
Locked up in the brig of the “Mariana” by Baronet Roshental, Sandokan and Iniko think up a plan to escape the noose waiting for them on land. Sandokan persuades the sergeant guarding them to let him see Mariana for the last time before he dies. Mariana goes down to the brig accompanied by the sergeant. Sandokan manages to tell Mariana of his plan of escape: she must fetch some herbs which Sandokan has in his cabin and send them to him in his food. The effect of the herbs is to stop the heart beating, making the person who has taken them appear dead. When the men on the ship see that Sandokan and Iniko are dead, they will throw the bodies into the sea. Mariana will throw life belts and knives down to them.
Sandokan is safely aboard Yañez’s parao. His only thought now is of saving Mariana. Yañez has another of his ingenious ideas. They will dress up as soldiers of the Sultan of Borneo. They reach the “Mariana”, which is carrying the beautiful “Pearl of Labuan”. Yañez poses as the officer in charge of the parao, manages to fool both the captain and the Baronet and is taken to Mariana, who is overjoyed to see him. Meanwhile, Sandokan and the pirates board the ship and force the crew to surrender. Sandokan puts the prisoners in the life boats with food and water and sets them adrift. The Tiger of Malaysia is happy. He has recovered his two Marianas – his prized parao and the mistress of his heart. Sandokan and Yañez return to Mompracem in their boats and on arriving learn that Lord Guillonk’s ship has been attacked by rebel Dayakos and Lord Guillonk takes prisoner. Mariana is very worried about the fate of her uncle. Sandokan and Yañez decide to leave for the Romades, where they suspect Lord
Sandokan and his men reach the Romades, where they find Lord Guillonk’s boat anchored. Yañez’s fears have been confirmed. The pirates land and go into the thick jungle, soon reaching the Dayako village. They arrive just as Lord James is being tied up and made ready for a terrible ceremony of human sacrifice. The only way for Sandokan to stop this, is to attack the Dayako village. The fight is unequal, as the Dayakos are greater in number and are fierce fighters, but finally Sandokan and his men win the battle. The number of casualties is high, but they manage to free Lord Guillonk, who thanks Sandokan for saving his life and seeks reconciliation, having finally realised that the Tiger of Malaysia is a brave and honourable man. Sandokan asks Lord Guillonk for Mariana’s hand. Lord Guillonk willingly agrees and promises to have the throne of Sandokan’s ancestors returned to its rightful owner. Happily, they all leave for Mompracem, where they are welcomed with great rejoicing.
Sandokan, Yañez, Lord James Guillonk, Mariana, Surama and all their friends are on Mompracem preparing for a double wedding. Mompracem is an island that has been adapted for war and acts of piracy and the Tigers of Mompracem are now working ceaselessly to change its face and give it a majestic look befitting the wedding of a Prince. Even the pirates try to change their fierce appearance by looking for the smartest clothes they can find from the booty taken in their raids. Suddenly, cannon shots are heard. Alarmed, they pick up their weapons and run to the palisade. Joyfully, Sandokan sees that they are Tremal-Naik’s ships saluting them. Shortly after, Tremal-Naik, his daughter Damna and Kammamuri join the group for the ceremony. Lord James announces great news: he takes out a parchment which he has been hiding in which the throne of muluder, the rightful possession of Sandokan’s ancestors, is returned to Sandokan. The wedding is celebrated with great happiness. By the end of the celebr