Sandokan, Yañez, Tremal-Naik and some of the men head for Delhi, in search of Suyodhama’s trail. On the way they come across burned-down hamlets and villages destroyed in an uprising. Their greatest worry is how to cross the rebel lines without arousing suspicion. On the outskirts of Delhi they are stopped by the men of Abu-Assam, who is one of the rebel leaders. While they are being held at the rebel camp, Tremal-Naik learns that an old friend of his, Bedar, is also there. He asks him for help and if he has any news of his daughter. Bedar warns them of the danger of revealing their true identity. Sandokan and his friends are taken before Abu-Assam, whom Tremal-Naik tries to convince that there was no other reason for their journey to Delhi than that of taking part in the uprising. Finally, they are recognised by a group of Thugs who tell Abu-Assam. Sandokan and his friends try to escape, but are chased by the rebels, who head them off. The Tigers of Malaysia now face their pursuers an