An invisible hero up against a mysterious female burglar who uses invisible but highly effective weapons. The Invisible Man soon finds out that Mimo’s elegant mime routines can be near lethal!On St Valentine’s Day Alan and Linda meet at the university at an official ceremony to mark the discovery of a plant with powerful healing properties. Out of the blue Mimo appears and steals the only specimen of the plant, leaving the whole gathering powerless to stop her because of her incredible powers. Alan quickly turns into the Invisible Man, and goes off in pursuit of the thief, leaving Linda on her own as usual. Things get complicated when Linda finds Alan pursuing a fascinating stranger, who is really Mimo in disguise. Linda has a fit of jealousy and decides to accept the Invisible Man’s offer to help him capture the thief.Their romantic St Valentine’s dinner does not go smoothly. Will Alan and the Invisible Man both be able to have dinner with Linda and find the time to arrest Mim