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Programa: Invisible Man
Título: 1x17
Descripcion: Invisibility seems more like a trick of magic than a faculty granted to a superhero. Indeed, if there was a magician in town able to turn invisible, wouldn’t he be the Invisible Man? But obviously, anything to do with magic is not always what it seems ….In his magic theatre, Philippe Giselle, Linda’s father, performs a new trick which makes it look as though he has disappeared while on stage. The illusion is so convincing that Iron King’s men think he must be the real Invisible Man and abduct him. The anguished Linda pleads with Alan to help her rescue her father. Alan’s problem is how to rescue his girl friend’s father without putting her life in danger and without revealing his other identity to her. That’s what happens when you mix being a superhero with your everyday life.Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained …. so let the show begin!

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It’s never easy for a super-hero to lead a double life, and it becomes harder still when you lose your memory and can’t work out why on earth you are invisible … When bravely attempting to wreck one of Opacus’ evil schemes, the Invisible Man receives a dose of radiation from a mysterious machine. He somehow gets away, but falls unconscious in the street. When he wakes up – still invisible – he has completely lost his memory and wonders who he is. Could he be an invisible angel sent to help the crazy Monty find his missing flatmate, Alan Crystal? He does not even guess that he is looking for himself as his journey of rediscovery brings him into contact with Foton, Linda and other old friends. He eventually realises that his only hope of recovering his memory is to re-visit Opacus’ lair. But what if Opacus has discovered that Alan is the Invisible Man?
When Magnapolis becomes a target for an invisible super-villain, how can the Invisible Man prove that he is not the criminal? After all, they are both invisible.Chameleon comes into town and begins using his incredible skills in camouflage (which extend to total invisibility) to impersonate the Invisible Man and to commit a series of crimes. Syd Network alarms Magnapolitans by giving blanket coverage to the criminal attacks. A wave of panic sweeps the city and even Gina begins to wonder if Alan has lost his way ….There’s only one way out for our hero – to fight his way out of the trap which Chameleon has set for him by unmasking the impostor on live television when all Magnapolis is looking in. It really is the Invisible Man versus the Invisible Man!
When everyone is blind, being invisible is hardly an advantage, as no one can see anyone else anyway. Sharpening up one’s hearing is the only way of turning the tables on the only people who can see – the crooks!Iron King and his gang have a new weapon which temporarily blinds witnesses to their crimes, so that they can be neither identified nor arrested. When the gang holds up the restaurant where Alan and Linda are enjoying a romantic dinner, the two of them are blinded by the secret weapon. Now, the Invisible Man - the hero no one has ever seen – cannot see anyone either! Being blind, the search for clues is slow, except when Foton has to steer the aero-bike in spectacular chases. The only way that the hero can make progress in his investigation is by following the advice of a blind street musician: ‘Now you have to solve problems with your ears instead of your eyes.’
One of the problems you face when you’re invisible is that without your mask, you’re nobody. And worse still, if someone else wears your mask, that persons turns into you!Rotor the bank robber is angrily chasing Homer, who has made off with Rotor’s hi-tech boomerang after a failed bank robbery. When the Invisible Man intervenes, Homer finds his mask and puts it on to avoid being recognised by Rotor. Homer then becomes Alan in the eyes of Alan’s friends, Monty and Linda, who start to like the new ‘Alan’. Meanwhile the real Alan can do nothing but wait for 48 hours while he has a new mask made. The problem is that Rotor has a tracking scanner which has identified Homer’s genetic code, so wearing Alan’s mask is not an effective disguise. As a result, not only Homer, but Alan and Alan’s friends are also in deadly danger!
Being invisible is not a great asset when you have to catch a giant ape on the rampage. And, if it’s your own pet monkey that has mutated into a giant, and you’re the only person who knows how to shrink him back to normal size, then it’s clearly your problem!Gennick, a mad scientist dogged by failure, finally succeeds in inventing a machine which makes people and objects vary in size. Desperate for revenge against those who mocked his earlier efforts, he successfully kidnaps and shrinks Magnapolis’ scientific community.The Invisible Man acts to stop him, but Foton is affected by Gennick’s invention, and the problem of freeing a few shrunken scientists becomes much more complex when he first has to capture an ape ten storeys high rampaging through the city.
It’s complicated enough being an invisible hero with a dual identity, but the problem gets even worse when you switch uncontrollably from visible to invisible every so often …Wallace Morton sends Reflexia, a mercenary with unusual powers, to steal a meteorite which emits radioactive waves that affect the visibility of objects and people. Wallace knows that his alter ego Opacus and the Invisible Man could be affected by the meteorite’s waves.The Invisible Man tries to prevent the robbery, and comes into contact with the rare rock. From that moment on he finds himself alternating helplessly between visibility and invisibility, turning invisible when he is with Linda and visible when he is fighting villains.Alan has to find a way to get the mysterious rock back so that he can find a way of regaining control of his uncontrolled life.
How do you rescue Linda from the lion’s den without getting her into even more danger? Alan’s secret puts not only him in danger, but all those around him.Linda decides to write a piece for the university newspaper about Wallace Morton. While she is researching her article and following Wallace around, there are a number of unexplained coincidences. Linda leaps to the conclusion that Wallace Morton is none other than the Invisible Man!When Linda tells her story to Alan, he goes crazy as he feels he is responsible for getting his girl-friend into dangerous territory, and he can’t tell her the truth because it would put her life in even greater danger. The only thing he can do is appear next to Wallace as the Invisible Man, and show Linda that she is wrong. But Linda is so worked up about the whole thing that it may already be too late for his plan to work ...
Faced with a highly visible kidnapping - that of a television studio full of people during a live broadcast in front of millions of viewers, our invisible hero is the only person who can help the police solve a very tricky problem … Syd Network, who always uses sensationalism to attract big audiences to his programmes, even at the expense of scaring his audience by presenting the Invisible Man as a threat, discovers that our invisible hero is the only person able to help him when three mutants burst into the studio and take Syd and the whole studio audience hostage. The police agree to the kidnappers’ demands and supply them with an airship which they use to get away, taking Syd Network as their sole hostage. Luckily the Invisible Man manages to get on board. However, even he could not have guessed that his friend Monty would also have secretly boarded the airship in an attempt to become the visible hero in Syd’s programme!
Obviously, being invisible is not quite the same as being odourless. If your enemies send a spy who can identify you by your odour … then you have a real problem! Wallace Morton is the author of a devilish plot to catch the elusive Invisible Man once and for all. Alan and Gina, Alan’s highly intelligent and loyal friend, know this. But how can they identify Morton’s spy? Herbert is a new student at the university, and also happens to be computer freak who seems to have something to hide. Gina’s investigations point definitively to Herbert as the spy. But when the Invisible Man goes into action he finds himself in a world of Elves and Goblins far removed from Morton’s evil world. The real truth is quite different. In Morton’s shadowy secret laboratory, the powerful businessman is cooking up a machiavellian plan to turn Magnapolis into a visibly different kind of city – a city whose inhabitants are all Wallace Morton’s slaves!
Invisible, but far from intangible. When an invisible person leaves his facial imprint in wet concrete, what is engraved there is nothing less than … a cast of his previously unidentifiable features. Whilst pursuing a gang of muggers, the Invisible Man falls over and leaves a clean facial imprint in some wet concrete on a building site. Small-time crook Unlucky Eddie realises what has happened and manages to remove the concrete cast, and is thus able to produce a perfect bust of Alan Crystal. When Eddie spots the real Alan Crystal, the petty thief knows just who the Invisible Man is. Eddie starts to blackmail the Invisible Man, who has no choice but to play along until the right moment arrives. But Eddie’s real plan is to sell the identity of the Invisible Man to the highest bidder among Magnapolis’ top criminal gangs. The Invisible Man could soon become a footnote to history.
As much as you would like to be a famous hero, if you appear on a prime time TV show and are made a complete fool of, then there is no doubt that you will become the best known idiot in the whole city …. Syd Network is looking for the most ridiculous actor he can find for his series ‘The Invisible Man, Disgrace of Magnapolis!’. And the clown who is chosen at the audition turns out to be none other than Monty. When Alan tries to rescue his friend from the hair-raising predicaments he gets into during the shooting of the programme, he discovers that the whole thing is nothing more than a front for trapping the real Invisible Man. Things get even trickier when three terrifying Nordic mercenaries – the Glams – arrive on the scene. Their glamour and single-mindedness have but one aim …. to stun our invisible hero into submission.
In certain situations being invisible can be very advantageous. For example, you can be a perfect spy – the only person able to discover the intimate secrets of the most unapproachable pop star of the day. You can see what to everyone else is …. invisible. When a terrifying Yeti-like beast spreads panic through the city at night, the students at Magnapolis University start behaving very strangely. Alan notices that it all seems to be connected with the latest hit from TZ, a pop star who has recently become the latest media idol. Some part of his hit song seems to affect the brain of everyone who hears it. He soon finds out that TZ has a dark secret which could result in a terrible curse coming true during a concert in front of thousands of fans …. Only an invisible hero can prevent this tragic outcome!
No one can hide from the all-seeing eyes of Magnapolis’ new police robots. They can even see things that are …. invisible! This is a very real problem for our invisible avenger, because these robots are nothing less than corrupt policemen ….Wallace Morton donates three state of the art robots to Magnapolis Police Department, ostensibly to take over some of the police’s more routine duties. Naturally, neither Alan nor Gina has any faith whatsoever in Wallace’s motives. Soon Alan discovers the bitter truth when he is cornered by the robots – they turn out to be equipped with sophisticated scanners designed to pick up the unique bio-physical characteristics of the Invisible Man.The robots’ objective is to unmask him, and they are relentless and indestructible. How can he hide from them? Wallace’s latest plan seems perfect and the days of the Invisible Man are surely numbered. But no one thought for a moment that a 12 year old girl could change the course of history.
When the magic gateway opens, no one can stop the devastating shadow of the evil Black Dragon. Obviously things do not have to turn out the way legend says they should …. especially when a hero who doesn’t even have a shadow is part of the action.Alan and his friends are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Magnapolis’ Chinatown, when a girl called Jade enters their lives. This beautiful girl is heroically rescued by the Invisible Man from the clutches of a gang of hired assassins working for an evil Chinese sorcerer. This shadowy character believes Jade can help him conjure up the mythical Black Dragon, giving him control over it and its powers of eternal life.Can our hero overcome the powerful sorcerer or will the sorcerer’s dark powers send the Invisible Man to the kingdom of shadows for ever?
How can a boy of 17 turn into a superhero known as the Invisible Man? Why does a business magnate like Wallace Morton turn into Opacus? How did it all start?Wallace Morton has for some time been recording his own dreams when he sleeps, hoping desperately for some small clue that will enable him to reproduce the experiment which went so wrong. He needs to rebuild the machine his father designed so that he has complete control over his vital energy and can thereby get rid of our invisible hero for ever. Alan gets takes Wallace’s bait, but fearing he is going into a trap he will not come out of alive, decides to record a video detailing the incredible but true story of the Invisible Man!
In total darkness there’s no point in being invisible. No one can see you, but you can’t see anyone else either. In a city condemned to permanent total darkness, an invisible hero is no more invisible than the next man.A solar eclipse is about to take place over Magnapolis, and all the city’s inhabitants are outdoors happily waiting for this rare phenomenon which is due to last for just a few minutes. But a mad scientist – the mysterious Professor Kinneg - has a very different scenario in mind. He has reprogrammed one of the Morton Corporation satellites so that it takes up a permanent position between the sun and Magnapolis, condemning the city to total darkness for the rest of time. For once Wallace Morton and the Invisible Man have a common enemy, but finding him in a city plunged into shadows and total chaos is not going to be easy ….
A monkey which thinks like a hero, a hero with the brain of a monkey, an oddball with an amazing intellect, and a girl prodigy who has turned into an idiot – together you have all the ingredients you need for a highly combustible mixture. Gina’s latest invention is a machine which can modify a person’s IQ, but its first big test is sabotaged, with the result that Foton’s intelligence is transferred to Alan and vice versa. At the same time Gina becomes progressively more stupid, while Monty’s intelligence increases exponentially. However, Monty’s new intellectual powers soon reveal a darker side as he gradually mutates into a monster with plans to seize absolute power in Magnapolis. Things become ever more complex when Monty decides to include Wallace Morton in his plans, and neither Alan nor Gina has the brain power to stop him …
The great thing about being a super-hero is that you always find yourself using your powers to help everyone else. And naturally there is a strong temptation to use your powers to help friends with problems. It must feel great for an invisible hero to lend an invisible hand!In an attempt to help Herbert obtain a pass in his exams, Alan uses his invisibility to slip into the university teachers’ offices and change Herbert’s grades. He happens to notice that the university computer is being used by someone dealing illegally in radioactive products and somehow involving the students. The destination for this illegal merchandise turns out to be a warehouse belonging to … Wallace Morton!Things get more complicated when he finds out that the university authorities are bound to discover that Herbert’s marks have been tampered with, and when the Invisible Man falls into the clutches of a gang of super-villains ….
Alan has been knocked over by a monorail; Herbert has fallen into the clutches of Opacus; Mary, Linda and Monty can’t stop arguing among themselves; and to cap it all, Foton has disappeared - brilliant as Gina is, even she cannot find a mathematical formula capable of solving this complex equation and coming up with a positive answer …. When Gina and Herbert try to resolve the problem of Herbert’s falsified grades while there is still a chance, they discover that the Invisible Man has fallen into the hands of the villains. With the help of Foton, the two of them work together to free the super-hero. But the cunning Opacus casts a long shadow. His plan to destroy the Invisible Man and all those who help him seems so well-conceived that it is unlikely to be thwarted by a couple of youngsters and a monkey ….
The most closely guarded secret of any super-hero is of course …. his real identity. But how can you keep this a secret if you discover that those around you – friends, fellow students, even your girl-friend – are not quite who you think they are?Wat, Wallace Morton’s faithful robot servant, finds out that the Invisible Man is almost certainly a student at Magnapolis University. Once Wallace learns this, he sets up a spectacular secret operation to clone a number of students, who are then sent to the University as spies to track down the secret identity of the Invisible Man.Soon Alan senses that something is wrong. His friends don’t always act normally, and all manner of unexplained mix-ups ensue. It feels as though some strange invisible threat is hanging over his very existence.
If we succeed in turning an invisible superhero into a fluorescent superhero, then we have effectively neutralised his special powers, and left him at the mercy of his evil enemies. In Magnapolis a new product called Slurp – a green yogurt drink – is the latest craze. It has quickly become the drink everyone wants to drink, and Alan and his friends are unable to resist the temptation to try it out. Alan soon finds that behind this innocent-seeming soft drink lies an awful reality. Giant robots despatched by Wallace Morton patrol the city street in search of the Invisible Man, whose anatomy has reacted to the ingredients of the drink by turning him into a fluorescent green figure! Alan is now a clearly visible target for everyone. It’s a highly visible finale for someone who had until recently been an invisible hero ….
As an invisible superhero, who has to keep his real identity secret and lead a double life, Alan finds that being different is not easy, and longs to be the same as everyone else, like he used to be, once …. But, hold on there, being like everyone else doesn’t mean everyone else has to become invisible! One by one all the inhabitants of Magnapolis become totally invisible. Behind this astonishing phenomenon lies Wallace Morton’s latest attempt to build a superior version of the machine which turned him into a monster and Alan into the Invisible Man. Worse still, after the machine explodes, Alan has become visible again and Opacus seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Which leaves a city full of invisible citizens chasing after the only visible person in town – Alan Crystal!
An invisible hero up against a mysterious female burglar who uses invisible but highly effective weapons. The Invisible Man soon finds out that Mimo’s elegant mime routines can be near lethal!On St Valentine’s Day Alan and Linda meet at the university at an official ceremony to mark the discovery of a plant with powerful healing properties. Out of the blue Mimo appears and steals the only specimen of the plant, leaving the whole gathering powerless to stop her because of her incredible powers. Alan quickly turns into the Invisible Man, and goes off in pursuit of the thief, leaving Linda on her own as usual. Things get complicated when Linda finds Alan pursuing a fascinating stranger, who is really Mimo in disguise. Linda has a fit of jealousy and decides to accept the Invisible Man’s offer to help him capture the thief.Their romantic St Valentine’s dinner does not go smoothly. Will Alan and the Invisible Man both be able to have dinner with Linda and find the time to arrest Mim
A forgotten mansion in the old quarter of Magnapolis conceals a terrible secret. Held captive in the mansion is an evil phantom known as ‘The Sorcerer’, waiting until some unfortunate frees him and becomes the first victim of his horrendous powers. It has to be the perfect place for Alan and his friends to hold a Halloween party! When the party is under way, Alan seizes the opportunity to become invisible from time to time and play a few tricks on his friends. Inadvertently, he somehow manages to set free the hideous phantom. The Sorcerer loses no time in attacking first Alan and his friends, and then the whole city. Whether visible or invisible, there seems to be no way that Alan alone can capture and lock up the sinister spectre again. He and his friends need to work as a team to confront the phantom and solve the enigma which will enable them to catch him. Naturally, the dark secret of the mansion seems impossible to uncover, and more invisible than the Invisible Man himself
Once upon a time, when everyone in the city was getting ready for Christmas, someone suddenly noticed that all the children had disappeared without trace!From under the noses of their hypnotised parents all the children in Magnapolis have been lured away by the siren song of a mysterious character known as the Puppeteer. With the aid of his gang of sinister automata, he has decided to avenge himself on the city which once rejected him by taking from him what he most appreciated – little children!Neither the police nor Alan can find any clues. Even Monty and Gina have inexplicably disappeared, leaving our invisible hero to solve this mystery on his own. Clearly, a difficult Christmas lies in store for the Invisible Man.