No one can hide from the all-seeing eyes of Magnapolis’ new police robots. They can even see things that are …. invisible! This is a very real problem for our invisible avenger, because these robots are nothing less than corrupt policemen ….Wallace Morton donates three state of the art robots to Magnapolis Police Department, ostensibly to take over some of the police’s more routine duties. Naturally, neither Alan nor Gina has any faith whatsoever in Wallace’s motives. Soon Alan discovers the bitter truth when he is cornered by the robots – they turn out to be equipped with sophisticated scanners designed to pick up the unique bio-physical characteristics of the Invisible Man.The robots’ objective is to unmask him, and they are relentless and indestructible. How can he hide from them? Wallace’s latest plan seems perfect and the days of the Invisible Man are surely numbered. But no one thought for a moment that a 12 year old girl could change the course of history.