One of the problems you face when you’re invisible is that without your mask, you’re nobody. And worse still, if someone else wears your mask, that persons turns into you!Rotor the bank robber is angrily chasing Homer, who has made off with Rotor’s hi-tech boomerang after a failed bank robbery. When the Invisible Man intervenes, Homer finds his mask and puts it on to avoid being recognised by Rotor. Homer then becomes Alan in the eyes of Alan’s friends, Monty and Linda, who start to like the new ‘Alan’. Meanwhile the real Alan can do nothing but wait for 48 hours while he has a new mask made. The problem is that Rotor has a tracking scanner which has identified Homer’s genetic code, so wearing Alan’s mask is not an effective disguise. As a result, not only Homer, but Alan and Alan’s friends are also in deadly danger!