It’s never easy for a super-hero to lead a double life, and it becomes harder still when you lose your memory and can’t work out why on earth you are invisible … When bravely attempting to wreck one of Opacus’ evil schemes, the Invisible Man receives a dose of radiation from a mysterious machine. He somehow gets away, but falls unconscious in the street. When he wakes up – still invisible – he has completely lost his memory and wonders who he is. Could he be an invisible angel sent to help the crazy Monty find his missing flatmate, Alan Crystal? He does not even guess that he is looking for himself as his journey of rediscovery brings him into contact with Foton, Linda and other old friends. He eventually realises that his only hope of recovering his memory is to re-visit Opacus’ lair. But what if Opacus has discovered that Alan is the Invisible Man?