Rigodon and Tico fool around on deck while Princess Romy reads and Willy Fog and Ralph gather information about a sea monster in the ship’s library. Akita, the owner of the Yokohama circus accompanied by his exotic and exhuberant fiancee enters the story. Akita’s fiancee pays the captain a visit accompanied by Willy Fog, chivalrous as ever, which makes Princess Romy jealous. She’s also upset because Willy Fog has forgotten her birthday. The captain invites them to a special supper at his table and during supper, Willy Fog surprises his wife by giving her a ring and lovely cake which Akita’s fiancee has made. However, the peace and quiet is interrupted by the ship’s hooter. The captain and Willy Fog rush on deck but see that it’s only a whale. Notwithstanding, they set watches up until they reach New York where they are welcomed by the captain of the Abraham Lincoln. They settle on board and meet Professor Aronnax. The captain gives the order to set sail and the ship sets off with a sto