PARA TODOS LOS PÚBLICOS. A los 18 años, el cuerpo de Whitney Thore comenzó a ganar peso rápida y descontroladamente. Dos años después, y ya por encima de los 170 kilos, los médicos concluyeron que la causa era un síndrome de ovario poliquístico, uno de los desequilibrios hormonales más frecuentes entre las mujeres fértiles. Y a pesar de que esta joven estadounidense no dejó que su obesidad le apartara del baile, su gran pasión, sí que comenzó a sentir la amargura de sentirse una chica delgada atrapada en el cuerpo de una mujer gorda. A partir de ese momento, Whitney comenzó enfocar su vida de otra manera, emprendiendo un sanador camino de autoaceptación, al margen de la gente que sólo juzga a los demás por su aspecto físico.

País: España
Idioma: Español
Contenido: Reportajes
Tema: Sociedad

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2x02 Pasta La Vista, Baby
E.2 T.2 -
2x23 Episodio 23
E.23 T.2 -
2x22 Episodio 22
E.22 T.2 - After moving in with Buddy, the struggle to balance her growing dance class, love life, diet and intense exercise regimen may just push Whitney to her limit.
2x21 Episodio 21
E.21 T.2 -
2x20 Episodio 20
E.20 T.2 -
2x19 Episodio 19
E.19 T.2 - Whitney babysits Tal's nephew, raising questions about her own fertility. Plus, Whitney has to choose which friend to take to the 'Dancing Man' party.
2x18 Episodio 18
E.18 T.2 -
2x17 Episodio 17
E.17 T.2 -
2x16 Episodio 16
E.16 T.2 -
2x15 Episodio 15
E.15 T.2 -
2x14 Episodio 14
E.14 T.2 - Whitney and her big girl dance class have waited for their chance to share a stage with other accepted dancers, but the high stakes have everyone on edge.
2x13 Episodio 13
E.13 T.2 - Whitney decides to take her 'No Body Shame' campaign to the next level by shooting a groundbreaking video, with the aim of going viral.
2x12 Episodio 12
E.12 T.2 - Whitney joins Babs on a road trip to Georgia for a cat show she's entered Henchi in, but Whitney's sleeplessness nearly destroys Henchi's chances of victory.
2x11 Episodio 11
E.11 T.2 - Lennie asks Whitney to model for him in the nude. Meanwhile, after designing a logo for her campaign, Whitney decides to pitch a bold idea to the Grasshoppers.
2x10 Episodio 10
E.10 T.2 - The scale becomes Whitney's greatest nemesis when it reveals she's gained weight. An uncharacteristic dip in her spirit leads to an argument with her best friend.
2x09 Episodio 9
E.9 T.2 - Whitney gets a job with the Greensboro Grasshoppers, but even the most rigorous new workout routine can't prepare her for the physical challenges she will face.
2x08 Episodio 8
E.8 T.2 - Whitney opens up her dance class to kids. But she is not quite prepared for what comes out of their mouths and is brought right back to adolescence.
2x07 Episodio 7
E.7 T.2 - Whitney's birthday is set to be a grand affair. But when she realises that Lennie will be meeting her family on what is essentially their second date, she has a meltdown.
2x06 Episodio 6
E.6 T.2 -
2x05 Episodio 5
E.5 T.2 -
2x04 Episodio 4
E.4 T.2 -
2x03 Episodio 3
E.3 T.2 -
2x01 Episodio 2
E.1 T.2 -
1x11 Episodio 11
E.11 T.1 -
1x10 Episodio 10
E.10 T.1 -

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