The Shadownsters

Salomon lives with his family in a calm residential neighbourhood... Or at least it seems so. Every night, dark shadows, odd noises and monsters invaded his room.

País: España
Idioma: Catalán / Valenciano
Contenido: Infantil

Episodios disponibles para ver online

"Iron Head" Hector
When the lights turn off the exciting experience begins!
Gert, the Centipede
The greatest way to learn English while having fun.
Don Ivan "Old Rope"
Don't miss the last epic mystery!
Paula "the puddles"
A new adventure of Solomon, this new monster is real or not?
Danny "Crumbs"
It doesn't feel like being a quite night!
The "tickle" twins
Ready, steady, go for another adventure.
Thirsty Wendy
Solomon unmasks another monster in his room, which came out of his incredible imagination.
"Bouncy" Rachel
Salomon fights against his fears of darkness and the monster "Bouncy" Rachel with Panxo's help.
Digital Rose
It's time to go to sleep... but Salomon is getting ready for a new challenge.
Patchwork Thomas
Are you ready for a new adventure?
Upside Down Sebastien
Panxo and Salomon: best team ever!
"Twisty" Grace
Do you want to know who is visiting Salomon tonight?
Humbert "break shirts"
Darkness, a strange noise... could it be a monster? 
Sandy Mr Night
Ready, steady, go for another adventure.
Elegant Peter
Would you like to meet a smart monster?
Karl, "The inflatable"
Let's learn English while helping Salomon.
Plastic Bum "Gabrielle"
Willing to solve another mystery?
Glutton Bonnie
It seems to be an ordinary night...but... guess what?
Line Paul
This is a dark, dark night but Salomon is not afraid.
Wilma, "The broken"
Fear? With Salomon and Panxo this word doesn't exist.
Jeanik "Crazy Bot"
Knock, knock. A monster is knocking at the door. 
"Tricky" Ophelia
No one uses the sword better than Salomon.
Nate, "The messenger"
When the lights turn off the exciting experience begins!

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