A series for the whole family. Are you ready for the adventures of the sock-like characters? Be ready to have fun.

País: España
Idioma: Catalán / Valenciano
Contenido: Infantil

Episodios disponibles para ver online

The Magic of the Music
Let's get in love with music.
The Flower
Want to know how to take care of plants? 
The Little Masterchief
Do you like cooking?
Domino Effect
Let's discover the domino effect game.
The biggest pumpkin
The socks grow pumpkins.
Chocolate biscuit mission
This must be the sweetest mission ever!
Hic, Hic
The greatest way to learn English while having fun.
Abstract Painting
What is art? Painting can be so inspiring!
With a Bit of Imagination
Get ready for another funny story.
What a Fright!
Follow the adventures of this singular neighbourhood. 
Healthy Carnival
It's Carnival time. Which costume will they choose?
The Egg
A new member arrives to the family.
Surprise Cake
Aha! What a lovely surprise they have prepared.
The Mistery of the Caterpillar
Do you know why caterpillars eat so much?
The Family Heirloom
Want to know which is the family heirloom?
Vitamins to Eat the World
The keys to succeed!
The Kid in You
Let's learn English together with this peculiar family.
I Want To Be a Firefighter
Wouldn't it be exciting being a firefighter?
Noises in the Night
There will be a logic explanation for sure!
Dinner is Reaaady
There is always a funny story to be discovered.
With Onion and Pepper
Let's cook something delicious!
Don't Be Jelous
Cats or dogs? A new pet in the family?
The Turtle
Taking care of a turtle? Challenge accepted.

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